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Smart "Going Home" DC

BBDO, Cobblestone and nhb prove: "There is intelligent life on Earth."

project information

A man and woman are driving to the harbour.  They're alone - hmm, something is mysterious. There's something he HAS to tell her, very openly. Something's not right - there is trouble in paradise. He tells her of his "mission" - to find intelligent life on Earth. Then he says that he has to go home, but in an awkward way that is completely "foreign", the viewer never would imagine what's to come . . . creation by BBDO Proximity and real fun and challenge in postproduction.

design approach

Director Robert Nylund has, in effect, utilized classic filmmaking methods to achieve something totally unique. An out-of-this-world seamless blend of live-action and CGI production techniques. A ground-breaking spot with heightened visual effects to proudly play upon the cinema screen.

nhb vfx

As the film moves into its second act, the man sheds his skin, so to say, and reveals that he is in fact, an alien. Digital head-replacement was seamlessly achieved by the vfx team here at nhb.  It was a uniquely creative and interesting collaborative effort to pull it off, no pun intended.  The anatomically-correct alien was constructed with sheer magic. A variety of vfx know-hows were implemented to lend integrity to the nature of the film's concept. It was quite an undertaking, but a great exercise in collaborative efforts, and a lot of fun. Technically-speaking, tracking points were utilized on location, 52 to be exact!  This afforded us the chance to be spot-on when it came to animating and then seamlessly compositing the head-replacement.

The smart car was also realised using CGI technology. Our CGI-Team in Düsseldorf forged ahead to deliver a photo-realistic rendition of the actual vehicle, much to the client's liking.

For the cinema, we had to take into consideration the overall look of the color-correction of the film. It had to look as if it were nighttime. Skin tones were naturally maintained, but the environment lends dramatic mood to the film.

sound and finish

Musically-speaking, mothersmilk remained true to the cinematic values inherent to the film. Big-time movie-quality -- John Williams would be proud! To sum it up, this was a production and a collaboration amongst many gifted and talented artists.  Across the board, everyone had a joyous time creating something that will stand the test of time.  Everyone pitched in, with full-heart and total enthusiasm, and the end-result damn well proves it!

,Future Technology ­ Available Today. The New Smart Electric Drive.’

press: 3D World MagHORIZONTHORIZONT.netW&Vanisecond


nhb: postproduction, vfx, 3D, soundmix, composition@mothersmilk

nhb producer: Yesim Altilar, Tim Tibor
vfx supervisor: Nhat Quang Tran

digital artist: Paul Schicketanz
3D artists: Andreas Petri, Tany Heider, Wolfgang Emmrich,
Markus Penzien, Florian Breg, Jan Niemeier
Christian Wallmeier, Markus Pchalek, Ralf Hietel, Benjamin Jürgens

nhb art department: Carsten Kuhoff, Vitor Hugo Aguiar
colourgrading: Mike Friedland
editing: Thilo Both
nuke: Marcus Ruhmke, Jens Liebscher, Nico Kamenisch
flame: Tobias Horvath, Lars Justinger, Stephan Tietz

sounddesign: Dennis Beckmann
music composition: Gerret Frerichs, Christof Littmann

agency: BBDO Proximity
filmproduction: Cobblestone
director: Robert Nylund

Yesim Altilar
Tim Tibor

Smart "Going Home" DC making of