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Tom Tailor Renew You "Times Square" her

The new Tom Tailor campaign, postproduction by nhb

project information

New York New York, big city of dreams - Tom Tailor’s „Renew You“ campaign is a tribute to the fascinating metropolis. Each one of the nine spots transports a different aspect of the vibrant and dynamic way of life in „The Big Apple“, explosively staged by internationally acclaimed british Directors Marc & Ish for German filmproduction Markenfilm. The commercials are a presentation of the Tom Tailor fall/winter collection 2013/2014. This is film number eight of nine.

This time it's a "High Noon - Situation" in a place looking very much like Times Square. It is winter now and the whole scene is beautifully covered with snow. A young woman is fighting her alter ego again and reappears dressed in the new Tom Tailor winter collection, the city once again built in full CGI. A great and challenging task for our VFX department in Hamburg.

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nhb: art direction, motion graphics, vfx supervision, 3D animation, compositing, colourgrading, sound design, soundmix

executive producer: Tim Tibor
art direction: Vitor Aguiar
motion graphics: Simon Jokuschies
3D: Wolfgang Emmrich (head of 3D), Robert Hennings, Zarko Kitanovic, Mario Reitbauer (FX)
nuke: Zarko Kitanovic, Simon Jokuschies
flame: Stephan Tietz
colourgrading: Mike Friedland
sound design: Johannes Roeske

agency: Jung von Matt/ Alster
filmproduction: Markenfilm
director: Marc & Ish

Tim Tibor