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the short film for the Fox Premium app, colours by nhb
#doitforyou! Postproduction by nhb
A nice surprise by Thjnk, Tempomedia and nhb
YES can change the world, postproduction by nhb
Dream on, kids! Postproduction by nhb
S&F, TPF and nhb for Toom
the new brand campaign, powered by nhb
by Jonas Åkerlund, colours by nhb
Heavy Metal for Barmer, postproduction by nhb
a roadmovie for Hyundai, powered by nhb
colourgrading by nhb studios Berlin
date crashing with nhb
make the best of every terrain,colours and sound by nhb
Hollywoodstar Gal Gadot, powered by nhb
Experience a whole new world, postproduction by nhb
legendary postproduction by nhb
Handy flatrate + new car, powered by nhb
the new LIDL campaign, postproduction & soundlogo by nhb
Black is back, postproduction by nhb
Welcome to Black, powered by nhb
Lights on with Rabbicorn and Grey, postproduction by nhb
Stories of a new generation, postproduction by nhb
the compact cars of Mercedes, powered by nhb
A$AP Rocky for Mercedes, powered by nhb
on holiday with LIDL, postproduction by nhb
Auf und davon mit Lidl Reisen und nhb
the brand immersion project-campaign, powered by nhb
a cool granny for IKEA, postproduction by nhb
Counting sheep with Volkswagen and nhb
The new Audi Qs, powered by nhb
CGI for 1&1, vfx by nhb
not quite so mini, but powered by nhb
sound design & postproduction by nhb
vfx postproduction & music supervision by nhb
never compromise on quality, postproduction by nhb
Volkswagen goes Sopranos, postproduction by nhb
cat content for Opel, postproduction by nhb
Hot, hotter... Mokka X, powered by nhb
Opel's guardian angel, postproduction by nhb
Jürgen Klopp and the Mokka X, postproduction by nhb
an update for the up!, postproduction by nhb
Aldis TV Debut, colours by nhb
the digital campaign for Strellson, postproduction by nhb
cool kids for H&M, colours by nhb studios Berlin
Andrea Bocelli for Telekom, colours by nhb
Rope Skipping with Grey, postproduction by nhb
the best of both worlds, powered by nhb
a Cannes Lion in silver for a great idea, colours by nhb
colourgrading by nhb
DiY craziness, powered by nhb
Schweinsteiger in shining armour, vfx postproduction by nhb
nhb's cgi superhero for Namibia
One from the heart, powered by nhb
Innovation by Volkswagen, postproduction by nhb
Christian Ulmen at his best, post by nhb
Neuer vs Neuer, postproduction by nhb
shopping with Nilam and Kim, postproduction by nhb
Kloppo and the autonomous follow assist, postproduction & music by nhb
The Battle of Content, powered by nhb
getting ready for EM and Olympia 2016
offroading with TPF and nhb
"Carpe diem" with Renault and nhb
pure passion powered by nhb
Obi moments with Jung von Matt, Rabbicorn Films and nhb
Clapping on all sail for Beck's, postproduction by nhb
get in shape with Outfitter and nhb
Ogilvy, TPF, nhb and the Yeti for Yello Strom
B.O.X.E.R live at Gig on the Stairs@nhb
easy banking with LLR, Markenfilm and nhb
the new Solo 2 headphones, colours by nhb studios Berlin
the last supper, powered by nhb
Georgia May Jagger... graded by nhb studios Berlin
Go with your gut! Postproduction by nhb
The future in 4K, postproduction by nhb
Snowwhite goes shopping, powered by nhb
Already surprised? Postproduction by nhb
Surprise!! Postproduction by nhb
a little surprise from Kia and nhb
postproduction by nhb
A shepherd in distress, postproduction by nhb
Winner of the Silver Film Lion in Cannes 2015
Winner of the Bronze Film Craft Lion in Cannes 2015
Ogilvy, TPF and nhb for Yello Strom
"Message in a bottle". Powered by nhb
One night in Paris...colours by nhb studios Berlin
around the world with Beck's, powered by nhb
Haribo in modern art, powered by nhb
your perfect bed, postproduction by nhb
supersweet cat video, nhb for VW Leasing
always think big, postproduction by nhb
Panic at the DIY market, postproduction by nhb
Lingerie at its best, colours by nhb
Bully Herbig for Haribo, postproduction by nhb
Heimat, Markenfilm Berlin and nhb for Otto
Bully and the last raspberry, postproduction by nhb
4 wheels for urban joy, powered by nhb
an athlete for the road, powered by nhb
Foodshopping with Mr. Death, postproduction by nhb
Georgia May Jagger!!!! Colourgrading by nhb studios Berlin
A new face for Haribo, postproduction by nhb
"The color your hair will love", powered by nhb
Il cavallino rampante - powered by nhb studios düsseldorf
Futureman and his Robocop-Unicorns for Ahoj, vfx by nhb
richtig geil! Postproduction by nhb
the new Opel image, powered by nhb
Happy valentine's day from Schwarzkopf, postproduction by nhb