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Saturn "Anna"

the new brand campaign, powered by nhb

We all remember Jung von Matt's EDEKA christmas campaign "#heimkommen", the one where an elderly father resorts to dramatic strategies to bring his scattered family together for Christmas. The commercial has roused controversy but also received almost every advertising award there is. 

Two years later we finally have a worthy follow-up: once again Jung von Matt teamed up with production company Tempomedia, director Alex Feil and nhb for the postproduction. And once again the story centers around an grandfather and many emotions...

It's interesting to see how with this campaign consumer electronic retailer Saturn shifts its position and puts the clients and their life into focus and not so much the product. A very nice message, especially for Christmas.


online: Chris Kasten, Andreas Wilken (fr), Patrick Altmaier (fr) // sounddesign, mix: Markus Roseneck, Johannes Roeske


nhb: online, sounddesign, mix

agency: Jung von Matt
production: Tempomedia
director: Alex Feil

Christina Schatten