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Janssen Deutschland "Moments"

YES can change the world, postproduction by nhb

Producing innovative pharmaceuticals to the highest standards and bringing them to people all over the world for a reasonable price means a huge amount of responsibility and ethics. This is every day business at Janssen Germany. The mission: transforming individual lives in order to change fundamentally the way diseases are managed, interpreted, and prevented. This film created by agency Grey Germany with production company BWGTBLD Berlin is to emphasize this vision.

Our team in Düsseldorf was involved in the production from the beginning, a very interesting and also demanding piece of postproduction. Great fun though, thanks!


vfx supervision: Johannes Müller // compositing: Claus Steinmaßl, Thorsten Scholz (fr), Matthias Backmann (fr), Jens Brune // 3D: Markus Pchalek, Benjamin Jürgens, Philipp Dollinger (fr), Michael Plängsken (Ground Studios)


nhb: vfx supervision, 3D, vfx compositing, colourgrading (fr)

agency: Grey
production: BWGTBLD Berlin
director: Philipp Ramhofer