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Sixt " Valentines Fairytale"

A nice surprise by Thjnk, Tempomedia and nhb

What's wrong with a little bit of irony on Valentines Day? Nothing really, just watch this ad by Thjnk and Tempomedia for SIXT Rent a car and find out, what's so funny about...

We did the postproduction mostly in Munich, with a little help from nhb in Berlin. Nice work.


compositing: Florian Decker, Julian Kasmierz, Sebastian Ludwig, Stefan Czuia, Lars Wemmje // 3D: Tany Heider // colourgrading: Damien van der Cruyssen@TheMill NY


nhb: online, 3D, colourgrading@TheMill

agency: Thjnk München
production: Tempomedia
director: Laurent Chanez

Julian Kasmierz