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Douglas "First Date"

#doitforyou! Storytelling with Douglas, postproduction by nhb

With this campaign Douglas seems to move their advertising strategies into a new direction. It's not so much the product any more that's in the foreground of this film, but the characters and what's happening to them. A young woman is getting ready to go on a first date. Things happen as usual, she's nervous, changes clothes a million times, takes her makeup off and puts it on again. Director Alex Feil captures this atmosphere of insecurity and anticipation in a very emotional, almost tender way. And it's really beautiful to see, that the young lady doesn't go on a tinder date, but instead meets her father for the very first time.

#doitforyou is a call to all women for more self confidence. Make yourself beautiful, but do it for yourself, not anyone else. A great message on womens day, we did the postproduction in Hamburg.


nhb: online (fr), sounddesign, mix

agency: Jung von Matt/Next Alster
production: Tempomedia
director: Alex Feil

Oliver Studt