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Ferrari "The Legend"

Il cavallino rampante - powered by nhb studios düsseldorf

Is there a car make sexier than Ferrari? We don't think so. And that almost says it all about the legendary sportscars from Maranello, who were first launched in 1947 by famous racecar driver Enzo Ferrari. Maybe just this: "A Ferrari doesn't need a radio, its motor sounds like an orchestra." (Herbert von Karajan)

We are so happy that we could help produce this wonderful piece of work, that Nico Kreis directed for Filmhochschule Baden-Württemberg: a beautiful story around the famous "cavallino rampante", that won silver at the Spotlight Festival 2014, other awards soon to follow for sure. The disintegrating horse's coat, the coat structure and the red enamel beneath with its many reflections - all this comes from our 3D/vfx department in Düsseldorf. A wonderful job, we loved it!


nhb: 3D, vfx animation

nhb producer: Christoph vom Bauer
vfx supervision, shading, lighting: Christian Wallmeier
vfx supervision, compositing: Patrick Altmaier
concept design: Ronan Chuat
modeling: Benjamin Juergens
animation, rigging, cloth: Markus Pchalek
effects, particles, simulations: Ralf Hietel
compositing: Sascha Reinholz

filmproduction: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Milchstrasse, Proper Scandal
regie: Nico Kreis
dop: Jan Mettler