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Ahoj Brause "really"

Futureman and his Robocop-Unicorns for Ahoj, vfx postproduction by nhb

It is 1925: the salesman and inventor Theodor Beltle from Stuttgart, Germany, has a brilliant idea. He mixes baking soda with tartaric acid, adds water and ... whoosh... he gets carbonic acid and the inspiration for the prickly candy powder later known as "Ahoj Brause" by FRIGEO. Ahoj and the little blue sailor are one of the oldest german brands - the kids still love it today.

Some people drink it as Vodka shots (pour the candy in your mouth, add some Vodka, shake your head and feel the explosion), some like it more traditional with one finger in the sachet, as shown in our film - Ahoj is a legend and even plays a small part in the movie "Die Blechtrommel" by the famous german author Günter Grass.

We had so much fun during the postproduction designing the cgi Robocop unicorns and everything, our vfx teams in Berlin and Hamburg worked hand in hand and we are still thinking about a good question for futureman. If not: really???

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nhb: colourgrading,  cgi, visual effects, online, sounddesign, soundmix

nhb producer: Yesim Altilar
vfx supervision: Nhat Quang Tran
art direction: Carsten Kuhoff

animation: Andreas Petri
rigging: Mario Reitbauer
lighting/rendering: Rico Koschmitzky
fx: Robert Hennings; Zarko Kitanovic
modelling: Wolfgang Emmrich, Zarko Kitanovic
flame online: Tobias Horvath
compositing: Simon Jokuschies, Marvin Sprengel
colourgrading: Pana Argueta
sound: Shai Caleb Hirschson, Julian Holzapfel
voice: Shai Caleb Hirschson

agency: Jung von Matt Spree
filmproduction: Bigfish
director: Daniel Warwick

Yesim Altilar