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smart "Manifesto"

Four wheels for a new urban joy, postproduction by nhb

"FOR is an attitude. FOR means being FOR something. Just three short letters but the start of all big things. FOR is pioneering spirit. FOR means “We’ll fly to the Moon” instead of “Let’s stay home”. FOR is a power that’s in all of us. It is easy to be against something.But being FOR something is an attitude that can change the world."(smart)

With the new campaign smart wants nothing less than world improvment. A tough challenge, but smart has always been more than a car manufacturer. smart is a great idea for urban mobility, because living in a big city with all the hassle and the rush hours and still enjoy driving - that's possible.

With this good looking campaign smart wants you to show your attitude, to have an opinion and to be creative and part of a movement. If you're interested in more information about the FOR philosophy check the smart website

We had our fun during postproduction in our studios in berlin - a great job for BBDO Berlin and Stink! #WhatAreYouFor?

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nhb: compositing, colourgrading

nhb producer: Alexander Seib
flame: Tobias Horvath
colourgrading: Pana Argueta

agency: BBDO Proximity Berlin
filmproduction: Stink
director: Stylewar