Deutsch | English "Hibernation"

Heimat, Markenfilm Berlin and nhb for Otto

Dark, wet cold weather, icy wind. If it is uncomfortable outside, it should be really nice and toasty at home. The bear and his hibernation are in the new Otto campaign as a metaphor for comfort. We accompany the bear on the way to his winter sleep. And this bear has the most beautiful of all caves: A house comfortably furnished with furniture - found on The winter is beautiful!

This wonderful film was directed by Sébastien Grousset for Markenfilm Berlin, with a lot of help from the bear's coach Dieter Kraml. We did the postproduction in Berlin.


nhb: editing, compositing, colourgrading

senior producer at nhb: Alexander Seib
compositing: Tobias Horvath
grading: Pana Argueta

agency: Heimat
filmproduction: Markenfilm Berlin
director: Sébastien Grousset