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Agent Provocateur "Le Salon"

Hot! New colours for Agent Provocateur by nhb studios Berlin

Most rules were made to be broken and in this case that looks really hot. Director Christian Larson breaks all the conventional rules for luxury lingerie brand Agent Provocateur in their new campaign "Le Salon".  Curiosity is very much encouraged in this alluring spot, that invites the viewer/voyeur into a "Salon" where certain rules have to be obeyed, one of which is "Inhibitions discouraged"...

"This new fall/winter campaign evokes the luxurious excesses of the 1970ies", as A.P.'s creative director Sarah Shotton explains. "I wanted to make sure that everything, from the decadence of the setting to the stunning beauty of Missy Rayder (one of the models), underlines our mysterious and glamorous concept."

Decadence, mysticism and provocation - that's also what the music of the legendary New York No Wave band "Suicide" was about. Their 1977 hit "Ghost Rider" makes a brilliant and eccentric soundtrack here.

All in all a first class film for a first class lingerie line - the beautiful colours for the sexy salon were finished in our Berlin grading suite by senoir grading artist Pana Argueta, who often works with Christian Larson. Great job.


colourgrading by Pana Argueta@nhb studios Berlin

senior producer at nhb: Alexander Seib

director: Christian Larson
filmproduction: RSA Films
producer at RSA Films: Jacob Swan-Hyam
music: "Ghost Rider" by Suicide (1977)