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McDonald's "Popov, the clown"

Winner of the Silver Film Lion in Cannes 2015

The brandnew year starts with a big bang for McDonald's. The fast food chain from San Bernadino, California, is celebrating a milestone birthday, at least in Germany: for 60 years they have been serving burgers and fries - time for a new advertising campaign and two new commercials by Leo's thjnk tank, the newborn child of agencies Leo Burnett and Thjnk.

We worked on the cinema ad in our studios in Hamburg. 90 seconds of pure poetry beautifully directed by Alex Feil portray a very special congratulant: The legendary russian clown Oleg Popov looks back on an exciting life dedicated to making other people happy. Popov is having his 60th stage anniversary himself this year and at the age of 84 he is still working. Meeting his "colleague" Ronald McDonald for the shooting though, was a unique experience even for him.

In stunning images and with a lot of circus atmosphere the film depicts the feeling that Popov and McDonald's stand for: being young at heart, no matter at what age.

Beautiful work, that has been awarded with the Silver Film Lion in Cannes 2015.


nhb: compositing, colourgrading, sounddesign, soundmix

compositing: Andreas Wilcken (freelance)
colourgrading: Biggi Klier
sounddesign, mix: Stefan Lügger, Johannes Roeske

agency: Leo's thjnk tank 
filmproduction: Tempomedia
director: Alex Feil