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Edeka "Grim Reaper"

Foodshopping with Mr. Death, postproduction by nhb

It doesn't happen very often that one runs into the grim reaper in a supermarket, but in an Edeka shop anything can happen. Just think about the recent Edeka commercial starring H.P. Baxxter...

In this spot staged wonderfully by director Calle Astrand it seems that Mr. Death has some urgent questions about healthy eating. Yet he doesn't really like what the well-informed salesman has to say...

A very smart and witty film by, we had the pleasure in postproduction in Hamburg.

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nhb: editing (freelance), compositing, colourgrading, soundmix

senior producer at nhb: Tim Tibor
editing: Alex Jurkat
compositing: Andreas Wilcken (freelance), nhb comp team
colourgrading: Mike Friedland
sounddesign, mix: Felix Lamprecht, Markus Roseneck

agency: Jung von Matt
director: Calle Astrand

Tim Tibor