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Haribo "Real man"

Bully Herbig for Haribo, postproduction by nhb

He can resist anything - except temptation. And Bully Herbig would do anything for a bag of sweets, even forget about his good manners, as we can see in this new film by agency Thjnk.

Maybe a fauxpas like this wouldn't have happened to Thomas Gottschalk, when he was in charge here, but then Bully Herbig certainly has other qualities, for example jumping over the cars like a stuntman.

It is the third spot from the new Haribo campaign introducing their new testimonial. Everything was done by the same team again, Marco Kreuzpaintner as director for Soup Film. We did the postproduction in Hamburg. Nice work!

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nhb: compositing, colourgrading

nhb senior producer: Felicitas Stahnke
compositing: nhb comp team
colourgrading: Biggi Klier

agency: Thjnk
filmproduction: Soup Film
director: Marco Kreuzpaintner

Felicitas Stahnke