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Hagebaumarkt "Zombie"

Panic at the DIY market, postproduction by nhb

It's always been very nice working with long time Hagebaumarkt testimonial Mike Krüger, but this new spring campaign was such a lot of fun, too. And after 10 years the DIY company from Soltau was definitely up for a change.

So this new campaign by agency Thjnk is really something different, a new approach to typical Hagebaumarkt storytelling and hilariously funny. Five new spots brilliantly staged by director Alex Feil for Tempomedia, who might have spent a thought or two on old american TV horror classics like Creep Show or Twighlight Zone... Very shocking, but of course help is just around the corner at Hagebaumarkt.

We did the complete postproduction for the campaign in Hamburg.


nhb: editing (freelance), compositing, sound design, soundmix, colourgrading

senior producer at nhb: Felicitas Stahnke
compositing: nhb compositing team
sound design, mix: Stefan Lügger
colourgrading: Biggi Klier

agency: Thjnk
filmproduction: Tempomedia
director: Alex Feil

Felicitas Stahnke