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VW Nutzfahrzeuge "the 6th Generation"

The "Bulli" of the 6th generation...coming soon, powered by nhb

It's been the bus for the first camping trip, for taking friends to the beach, the bus that we slept in when budgets were small, the bus that generations almost romantically loved: This charming vehicle that's been there forever, the VW bus with the nickname "Bulli".

It was designed in 1947, in May 1950 the first models were produced and ever since the car has been a huge success. Now the 6th generation is going to be released and as the claim suggests we can expect big things.

This film that we worked on for Tony Petersen Film and agency Grabarz & Partner, shows how Volkswagen wants to present their newest beauty. It's a heartwarming reflection on the magic number 6. Enjoy!

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nhb: editing (freelance), compositing (freelance), motion graphics, colourgrading, sounddesign, soundmix

senior producer at nhb: Oliver Studt
editing: Arthur Jagodda
compositing: Christian Schrills
motion graphics: Lisa Scheumer
colourgrading: Pana Argueta
sounddesign, mix: Stefan Lügger, Johannes Roeske, Markus Roseneck

agency: Grabarz und Partner
filmproduction: Tony Petersen Film
director: Thomas Garber

Oliver Studt