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IKEA "your bed"

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project information

Even though most people put the emphasis on a new sofa or a state-of-the-art kitchen when they buy furniture, the most important piece in the house is the bed. There's no place where we spend more time - an average person sleeps around 7 hours per day, much longer than anyone sits in a chair or at a table. Your bed has a huge impact on how you feel. If a chair is uncomfortable we just get up, if your bed isn't right it's a catastrophe.

In this commercial by wonderful director Hanna Maria Heidrich the bed is shown as a place of heavenly peace for everyone, no matter how you sleep - warm or cool, soft or on a rather firm mattress. Your bed has to match your sleeping habits. And there's a bed for everyone.

The film is a trip through totally different yet beautiful landscapes, part of it was shot in Iceland, the desert and the fairytale wood are in Gran Canaria - breathtaking nature that had to be combined with the green screen studio shots of the beds in postproduction.

nhb 3D

In coordination with the director and agency Thjnk our 3D department in Hamburg produced a cgi previsualisation that served as the reference for the shoot in Iceland and Gran Canaria. After the filming the camera movements were analysed and tracked, so identical camera moves could be made using motion control in the studio.

All the different elements were then put together and composited to result in this dreamlike trip through Ikea beds. The final touch with the expressive colours was given in of our grading suite. All in all a great working experience and a wonderful project.

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nhb: vfx supervision, 3D, compositing, colourgrading

producer at nhb: Max Leist
3D: Wolfgang Emmrich, Rico Koschmitzky
flame: nhb comp team, Johannes Retter, Christoph Schroer
nuke: Zarko Kitanovic, Simon Jokuschies
colourgrading: Pana Argueta

agency: Thjnk
filmproduction: Tempomedia, CFS Krug
director: Hanna Maria Heidrich