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Haribo "Phantasia"

Bully vs Modern Art, postproduction by nhb

Sometimes it's hard to understand modern art. Who hasn't spent hours in galleries in front of ridiculously expensive objects wondering what the heck all this is about?

German gummy bear manufacturer Haribo and their testimonial Bully Herbig don't have an answer to that either but they do have a plan how to survive such situations. The new product is called "Phantasia" - just take one or two and everything is gonna be fine...

This is the fourth ad from this year's Haribo campaign by Thjnk and Soup Film, we worked on it in our studios in Hamburg. And there's still more where this came from...

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nhb: compositing, colourgrading

nhb senior producer: Felicitas Stahnke
compositing: nhb comp team
colourgrading: Biggi Klier

agency: Thjnk
filmproduction: Soup Film
director: Marco Kreuzpaintner

Felicitas Stahnke