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Smart E-Bike "I skip leg day"

Winner of the Bronze Film Craft Lion in Cannes 2015

“Never skip leg day”, they say. Unless you ride a smart ebike: The electric drive assists the muscle power and you will master even the toughest routes effortlessly. So it's totally okay if you look like the guys in this film, "half hunk, half ballerina..."

That's in short the story of this funny music video ad for smart bike, that director Tobias Perse shot in Cape Town with some very good-looking models. The "sexy" legs were made in postproduction though...

We were part of the production including vex supervision, the catchy song comes from Malte Pittner of Texas Lightning...very nice.

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nhb: vfx supervision, compositing

senior producer at nhb: Yesim Altilar
vfx supervision: Johannes Müller
compositing: Alexander Lehnert, Paul Schicketanz, Norman Struwe, Lennert Schrader

agency: BBDO Berlin
filmproduction: BigFish
director: Tobias Perse

Yesim Altilar