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Beck's "Taste the world"

around the world with Beck's, postproduction by nhb studios Düsseldorf

Pale Ale, Amber Lager and 1873 Pils - with the new Beck's beers you can now taste the world and Beck's core values: freedom and internationality. In this ad by BBDO Düsseldorf the good old Beck's flagship takes us to Australia to taste Amber Lager, to England for Pale Ale and to Bremen, Germany where the brewery was founded in 1873.

Matthäus Bussmann directed the beautiful trip for Markenfilm, we did the postproduction at nhb studios Düsseldorf.


nhb: colourgrading, online, soundmix

producer: Kathrin Rybaczyk
flame artist: Martin Pietler
colourgrading: Mike Friedland
soundmix: Markus Fink
audio producer: Verena Beck

agency: BBDO Düsseldorf
filmproduction: Markenfilm Hamburg
director: Matthäus Bussmann