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Viva con Agua "Flaschenkino"

All for water. Water for all. Powered by nhb

project information

Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli is a charitable organisation based in St. Pauli, Hamburg, campaigning for clean drinking water worldwide. Besides the air we breathe, water is the most fundamental source of life. Water means healthy living, happy living. Every human being has a right to access clean water. For Viva con Agua this is the primary motivation for their activities. 

Viva con Agua is based on an idea that founder and former FC St. Pauli football professional Benjamin Adrion had in 2005 returning from a training camp in Cuba - ever since VcA has been funding and implementing water projects around the world from Ruanda to Tadschikistan.

nhb animation

A trailblazing idea - we are very happy to be able to contribute, together with 3 other production houses, to the "WASH-Flaschenkino" project. The task was to create an animated film that can be watched through the bottom of a water bottle, visualizing the idea behind Viva con Agua and WASH (WAter, Sanitation, Hygiene): Creativity, community and clean water for the world. Every studio had its own part to design, for nhb animation director Vitor Hugo Aguiar and his team designed a 30 seconds journey into the universe of water.


From the depths of the sea and its vast ecosystems to mankinds absolute dependence of water, the camera travels through this imagined toon world full of water, where energy is effectivelly harnassed in huge watermills power villages and ports.

A wonderful and very interesting job that we did in close cooperation with Optix, Tendril and Red Pinata. Viva Viva con Agua!


nhb: art direction, animation direction, 3D animation

senior producer at nhb: Felicitas Stahnke
art direction, animation direction: Vitor Hugo Aguiar
look development: Lennert Schrader, Lisa Scheumer
3D animation: Lennert Schrader

creative director: Fernando Silvestrin

Felicitas Stahnke