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Cartier "Paris Nouvelle Vague"

One night in Paris...colours by nhb studios Berlin

"One night in paris is like a year in any other place" - some of you might remember this strange little opera that 10cc wrote back in the mid seventies, and it is true: Paris has its very unique charme that no other european city can beat. And of course that is no secret to the most famous french luxury brand.

Featuring model and actress Bianca Brandolini D'Adda, “Paris Nouvelle Vague” marks the launch a new line of Cartier jewelry. As Cartier describes: “Cartier and Paris are intertwined by an invisible thread of creativity, a certain French charm, an inimitable spirit that is embodied by the Parisian woman. Free-thinking, joyful, playful and mysterious, the Parisian woman is an inspiration to the Maison. Cartier dedicates the Paris Nouvelle Vague collection to her: seven creative universes designed to celebrate her personality and her lifestyle."

A very nice briefing for a director who is no stranger to luxury brands: Christian Larson has directed fashion campaigns for the likes of Agent Provocateur and Rimmel, among others. This film again is outstanding in its stunning imagery - we are very happy to be able to contribute to the magic with the beautiful colours, done by our senior grading artist Pana Argueta.

The catchy song, by the way, is a true classic: It's a cover version of "Le tourbillion de la vie" written for Jeanne Moreau and the Truffault masterpiece "Jules et Jim". Enjoy!


colourgrading by Pana Argueta@nhb studios Berlin

senior producer at nhb: Yesim Altilar

director, editor: Christian Larson
filmproduction: Soixante Quinze, Paris
line producer : Christine Fauconnot
production coordinator : Virginie Lempereur  
casting director : Philippe Elkoubi
dop: Erik Sohlström
assistant editing: Emma Backman
agency: 75 Wanted

Yesim Altilar