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Obi Mach was draus "Baby"

DIY, postproduction by nhb

With this new campaign Obi makes great strides in the race of the DIY superstores. Four witty little stories about everyday life situations that can suddenly turn into special "Obi moments", when everything changes for the better. There's always a reason to roll up one's sleeves. I's magic!

Andreas Hoffmann directed the funny ads by Jung von Matt/Elbe for our friends from Rabbicorn Films. We did the postproduction in Hamburg.

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nhb: editing (fr), compositing, colourgrading, sounddesign, mix

executive producer at nhb: Tim Tibor
editing: Felix Drawe (fr)
compositing: Johannes Retter
colourgrading: Biggi Klier
sound: Markus Roseneck

agency: Jung von Matt/Elbe
filmproduction: Rabbicorn Films
director: Andreas Hoffmann

Tim Tibor