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Sony X90C Bravia Ultra HD "Celebrate every detail"

The future in 4K, vfx postproduction by nhb studios Berlin

„Celebrate every detail“ is the campaign for the new Sony X90C Bravia UHD TV that has just been launched at IFA 2015. We did the postproduction of the ultra high definition images for DDB Berlin and Soup Film at nhb studios Berlin. A wonderful and very demanding project - both the product and the production process are groundbreaking for the future of moving images.

Of course producing film in 4K means handling huge amounts of data, much more than during a normal commercial production, 25 TB in this case. Consequently we had to upgrade our Flame and Baselight suites to the newest hardware versions – we didn’t want the production to feel slow, just more brilliant and sharp.

Working on a job like this with a partner like Sony is a great pleasure. After all you don’t get to work with the pioneer of 4K technology every day. The challenge was to make „Celebrate every detail“ work on every platform: as a commercial on TV and online, but also for use in bright showrooms where people stand very close to the screen – the film and all the fireworks had to look great under all conditions.

Therefore quality control of every little detail took quite some time – but in the end we were really happy with the result and can’t wait to work on the next 4K projects. In Berlin, Hamburg or Düsseldorf, up to you!


nhb: vfx, 3D animation, colourgrading

senior producer at nhb: Alexander Seib
vfx: Tobias Horvath, Nhat Quang Tran
3D: Alexander Lehnert, Andreas Petri
colourgrading: Pana Argueta

agency: DDB Berlin
filmproduction: Soup Film
director: Ben Tricklebank