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EDEKA "#cominghome 2015"

the last supper, powered by nhb

Some think it's tasteless, others can't stop praising it, we just think it's great but one thing's for sure: this ad is a sensation! The sad story about the lonely old guy who has to fake his own death to get his folks together for Christmas is so heartbreaking, it's the most shared Xmas video on social media ever! Wow!

We are very happy to be a part of this production with Jung von Matt and Tempomedia, not just because it's so successful. We love Christmas! Have a good one everybody!

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nhb: compositing, colourgrading, sounddesign, mix

senior producer at nhb: Christina Schatten
compositing: Johannes Retter
colourgarding: Julien von Schultzendorff
sound: Markus Roseneck

agency: Jung von Matt
filmproduction: Tempomedia
director: Alex Feil

Christina Schatten