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B.O.X.E.R@Gig on the Stairs

B.O.X.E.R live at Gig on the Stairs@nhb

That was definitely one of the hottest nights this winter, when this young incredibly good-looking talented crew rocked our house. B.O.X.E.R are a newcomer trio out of Hamburg and Berlin's fashion and art scene and have just won the Musik Express style award. 

Anna Maria Nemetz, a truely exceptional young lady with a great voice and attitude, Carl Jacob Haupt, the anarchist mastermind behind Dandy Diary, Germany's only fashion blog worth reading, on bass and Jan Ole Jönsson who used to play the drums for the legendary Karacho - they blow minds for a living!

A huge thank you to the band for a superbe performance - please remember us when you're rich and famous, to our DJ GLEISCH for his set and of course to you for being our guests. That was so much fun!

It's this way to the photo gallery and if you want to keep track of our next parties, just be our friend on facebook.




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nhb: production & postproduction

dop: Johannes Müller, Max Fritsch
motion graphics: Vitor Hugo Aguiar, Lisa Scheumer
editing: Monika Hütter, Yvonne Stroemer
colourgrading: Mike Friedland
sound: Stefan Lügger