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RaboDirect "Good reasons- cow"

Easy banking with LLR, Markenfilm and nhb

And here is another brilliant campaign by Lukas Lindemann Rosinski for the dutch Rabobanks' online branch RaboDirect. Once again a very special look with beautiful colours and imagery, a slightly absurd story, the funny dutch acor Michiel de Regt and a lot of effects that we worked on in postproduction. The cow for example was born in our 3D department.

It's always a pleasure to work on the RaboDirect spots, they are really special and visually very interesting. The swinging tune to go along with the fun has been composed by nhb music's young guns from Düsseldorf, Aleks Rynkowski and André Sudradjat.

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nhb: editing, compositing, 3D, colourgrading, sounddesign, mix, music 

agency: Lukas Lindemann Rosinski
production: Markenfilm
director: Linus Johansson

Tim Tibor