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Outfitter "Der Sportmuffel"

Looking good working out, postproduction by nhb

Isn't he just adorable? This cute little furry monster was created by Hamburg based agency Blood Actvertising to be the latest testimonial for sportswear retailer Outfitter. A very nice and sympathetic idea, aren't we all lazybones once in a while...

Mypony filmed the spot with director Klaus Spendser in Lithuania, we did the postproduction and the music in Hamburg. Loved it!


nhb: editing, compositing (fr), colourgrading, sounddesign, music, mix

producer at nhb: Franziska Wolter
editing: Yvonne Stroemer
compositing: Melissa Panek
colourgrading: Julien von Schultzendorff
sounddesign: Felix Lamprecht, Stefan Lügger
music: Kai Beisner, Shai Hirschson, Gordian Gleiß

agency: Blood Actvertising
filmproduction: mypony
director: Klaus Spendser