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Clash of Kings "You rule" DC

Schweinsteiger in shining armour, vfx postproduction by nhb

Usually the captain of the german national football team wears red and white when he plays for his team Manchester United, but for this film Bastian Schweinsteiger needed a complete tune up. And we have to admit that the german football god looks really good and very authentic carrying sword and armour.

The complex spots were created to promote the successful online game „Clash of Kings“ by chinese game company Elex-Tech;  director Markus Walter and internationally renowned dop Ian Foster ("The Social Network", "Tomorrow never dies") shot the scenes for Iconoclast in the countryside near Manchester. As „Clash of Kings“ is among the ten best selling online games worldwide, the production had to look rather „big“.

After vfx supervison on set we started postproduction at nhb studios Berlin, working closely together with our 3D department in Hamburg. Under the direction of our vfx supervisor Nhat Quang Tran our artists created a mystical steaming fantasy inferno. Set extensioms and enhancements add the necessary dimensions, matte paintings with mountains and woods make the construction pit in the Midlands look like some fabulous place out of a Peter Jackson movie. Per crowd simulation we generated a very realistic looking army of knights thanks to our artists who paid attention to every little detail: In order to make them look natural the cg characters behave differently during the crowd scenes. Some raise their swords and cheer, some just stand there and move only a little. Also the weapons and the medieval armours vary quite lot.

The final touch and the dramatic feel is added by some 3D smoke effects and of course by the expressive colourgrading by our senior grading artist Pana Argueta. The e-cinema mix for the 60 seconds version that is going to be shown before the „Warcraft“ movie was done in our studios in Hamburg.

All in all a great and challenging job for our vfx people, that we enjoyed working on a lot. And maybe Bastian Schweinsteiger should really consider a second career... This way, please, to the making of:


nhb: editing, vfx supervision, 3D, compositing, colourgrading, voice casting@talksmall, e-cinema mix

agency: DCMN Berlin
filmproduction: Iconoclast
director: Markus Walter

Yesim Altilar