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Netman 4G Advanced

nhb's cgi superhero for Namibia

MTC is the fastest internet provider in Namibia with their own full cgi testimonial "Netman" developed already in 2009. The blue superhero's world is all about speed and high performance, since 2011 we produce the Netman commercials at nhb studios Düsseldorf.

This time we had to work on a very tight schedule to visualize the new MTC feature 4G Advanced. Netman had to return to the "real" world, the streets of Namibia's capital Windhoek. Our vfx supervisor Johannes Müller filmed the spot on location, the many visual effects were added in postproduction in Düsseldorf. The dramatic music was composed by our team GLEISCH, Gordian Gleiß and Shai Caleb Hirschson.

All in all another interesting project, that Namibia's president Hage Geingob presented to a huge audience as an important contribution to technology in his country.

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nhb: vfx supervision/compositing, 3D, music composition, sounddesign, mix

agency: Advantage Y&R Namibia

Fabian Scheer