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Hornbach Preisfrage "Burning question"

DIY craziness by Heimat, Anorak und nhb

Ever since Blixa Bargeld of the avantgarde noise rockers Einstürzende Neubauten starred in some Hornbach commercials back in 2004, it's been obvious that there is some people with a weird sense of humour working for the DIY superstore, or maybe at their agency, Heimat. The godfather of Berlin underground culture delivered a stunning performance reading the Hornbach catalogue and turning it into poetry. A simple idea with massive impact. Ever since Hornbach's commercials have been special, full of absurdities and definitely jawdroppers collecting all the advertising awards.

In this new film by director Niklas Weise the price question comes up whereas the burning man from the 1975 Pink Floyd Cover for "Wish you were here" walks by in the background. Just great.

We did the edit and colourgrading at nhb studios Berlin. Especially doing the sound design and music was a very interesting and fun task here, our head of audio, Wenke Kleine-Benne had the lead. 

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nhb: editing, colourgrading, sounddesign, music, mix

agency: Heimat Berlin
filmproduction: Anorak Film
director: Niklas Weise