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METRO "The Daily Catch"

a Cannes Lion in silver for a great idea, colours by nhb studios Berlin

The German consumer eats 15 kilograms of seafood per person per year. Fish is regarded to be very healthy, as log as it's fresh, of course. To make sure their customers are safe when it comes to that, the largest fish retailer in Europe METRO and Serviceplan had a very simple yet great idea:

"METRO, can bring fresh fish to the stores because of the direct connection with the local fishermen. Fish still swimming today, tomorrow can go to the shop counter. To prove this promise of freshness, we developed a special packaging idea: THE DAILY CATCH.

For this, we used the daily newspaper: it is the most reliable way to demonstrate the current day and at the same time the traditional packaging for the fish. In collaboration with our local fisheries partners, selected batches were sent with the corresponding local newspaper of the day. Every time a fish was sold, we surprised the clients with a special packaging - the daily newspaper of the fishing location. A self made sticker is used to close the packaging and indicates the fishing date. This way, we made from an old tradition the ultimate prove of freshness." (Serviceplan)

A really good idea, that was rewarded with a Silver Lion in Cannes this year. We were very happy to sponsor the grading for this project.


nhb: colourgrading

producer at nhbNext: Felicitas Stahnke
grading: Julien von Schultzendorff

agency: Serviceplan
production: Jens Schwengel
director: Jens Schwengel

Felicitas Stahnke