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Sony 4K HDR TV "Balloons"

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The Cazinoul din Constanta was once one of the most famous casinos in Europe. The rendezvous point of the exuberant High Society. Today it still offers an extravagant spectacle. 

In the port city of Constanta, 1910, the superb ‘art-nouveau’ structure was erected, becoming one of the most exquisit Romanian landmarks of its time. With WWII, the casino was converted into a hospital to house wounded soldiers, and thereafter under Socialist occupation became a restaurant. Due to economic, and financial constraint, the restaurant closed in 1990, leaving the building empty and dormant ever since. Only once in 2008, was it used as the set for US Adventure Comedy “The Brother’s Bloom” starring Adrien Brody and Rachel Weisz. A magical location on the banks of the Black Sea, the backdrop to tell the tale of the new Sony 4K HDR TV.

For the ultimate in picture quality, this TV pairs the brilliance of 4K clarity with the brightness, colour and detail of High Dynamic Range (HDR). Previously hidden areas of dark shadow and sunlight are now full of clarity and detail. Following our last years (2015) curation and completion of Sony’s X90C Bravia Ultra HD campaign, working once again with Tempomedia and DDB Berlin, was a welcome and exciting challenge to achieve the desired results.

It took a focused team of approximately 100 people working four cameras simultaneously to film this project. The task was to capture the scenes without any digital effects, which also meant that the balloons themselves needed special choreography, including where, how and when they move as well as the perfectly timed bursting of each and every one. The balloons were carefully placed, hand pulled by strings, blown with air, glued and shot to achieve the ease and natural form of movement under the best lighting conditions and within the best possible moments.

Our VFX supervision team made sure that all of which was captured on film would translate with optimal delivery to HDR. All camera parameters were consistently checked, ensuring only the perfect exposure and route via RAW, allowing all entities to lead to a brilliant final picture. When it came to the glitter our 3D department had a hand in aiding the image with fine adjustments and additions, especially during the outdoor scenes in order to avoid harming the environment. Compositing and grading gave the final touches in order to ensure all the required details in the HDR image can be seen. It was also here again particularly important, that the film, under a variety of lighting and lighting conditions, works - both in the classic TV format, Online, as well as the use in retail and commercial establishments.

From picture to music, nhb’s music team, in close co-operation with Sony Music Entertainment and UK Music Artist Tom Odell, delivered the perfect score to the perfect pictures. Translating the agency's wishes in a musical tongue onto the artist was the challenge in this regard, and through great and very creative teamwork we were able to build on the already amazing piece, and give it a magical depth that reaches the viewer and brings out the essence of the visual. Also working directly with Tom Odell via skype was fun :-)

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nhb: vfx supervision, editing, 3D, compositing, colourgrading, music supervision, sounddesign, mix

set supervision: Johannes Müller
second unit camera: Johannes Müller
vfx supervision: Nhat Quang Tran
compositing: Tobias Horvath (lead), Norman Struwe, Christoph Hasche (fr)
3D: Carsten Kuhoff, Andreas Petri, Tany Heider
colourgrading: Pana Argueta
music supervision & mix: Shai Caleb Hirschson 

agency: DDB Berlin
production: Tempomedia
director: André Stringer

Yesim Altilar