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Telekom "Feel Connected" DC

Andrea Bocelli for Telekom, colours by nhb

They get one of the best tenors worldwide to be the testimonial for their latest campaign, and he doesn't sing... ???

The new Telekom ad certainly is a bit unusual - and not just because of the budget and Andrea Bocelli. With this film that Stink shot for Serviceplan Campaign with director Aleksander Bach, Telekom wants to build on their position as the leading telecommunications hub in Europe. "Feel connected"  - this claim is the message to the 12 european countries where the film will be aired.

We are happy to contribute the colourgrading to this great project.

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nhb: colourgrading

senior producer at nhb: Yesim Altilar
colourgrading: Pana Argueta

agency: Serviceplan Campaign
production: Stink
director: Aleksander Bach

Yesim Altilar