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1&1 "Drone power"

flying high with 1&1, cgi by nhb

Flying a drone through the huge warehouse of internet and mobile provider 1&1, that was the challenge for our vfx team working on this film for Rabbicorn and Jung von Matt/Elbe. And doing it all in full CGI didn't make it any easier - a very interesting job with quite a lot of data to handle. That was fun!

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nhb: compositing, 3D, colourgrading, soundmix

vfx supervision: Filip Lange (fr)
3D: Markus Pchalek, Ben Jürgens, Rico Koschmitzky, Wolfgang Emmrich, Florian Linner, Peter Pflaum
compositing: Filip Lange (fr), Christoph Zapletal (fr), Martin Pietler
colourgrading: Mike Friedland
soundmix: Markus Roseneck

agency: Jung von Matt/Elbe
production: Rabbicorn Films
director: Andreas Hoffmann

Tim Tibor