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Audi QRange "We've got the choice"

The new Audi Qs, powered by nhb

These cars offer everything the SUV buyer is looking for: the new Audi QRange models are stylish, high-quality and comfortable - everything you need to be spontaneous and feel free to do whatever you want.

A nice vibe that director Thorsten Herken brings across perfectly in this spot for Markenfilm Berlin and agency Thjnk - a male speaker recites a kind of absurd poem to go along with a lot of freaky images and scenes concluding in a statement for personal freedom. Great work, we are very happy to be able to contribute the postproduction and the sounddesign.

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nhb: compositing (fr) colorgrading@TheMill, sounddesign, soundmix

compositing: Philipp Fehling (fr)
colourgrading: Seamus O'Kane@TheMill
sounddesign & mix: Wenke Kleine-Benne

agency: Thjnk Berlin
production: Markenfilm Berlin
director: Thorsten Herken