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Mercedes-Benz #GrowUp "Anthem"

Stories of a new generation, postproduction by nhb

The new Mercedes-Benz #GrowUp campaign by Berlin based agency antoni: an advertising campaign that doesn't really feel like one. It's rather a content creation to illustrate the spirit of a new generation. Less Peter Pan syndrome more growing up in style - this is how Mercedes-Benz imagines their future compact car customers.  #GrowUp is a modern campaign for a modern brand telling stories that really matter.

For us #GrowUp is not only a beautiful piece of work, it's also one of the most extensive and demanding projects that we have worked on in recent years. In close cooperation with the agency and production company Iconoclast we worked with a team of 25 inhouse and freelance vfx artists across our three nhb locations to finish the campaign films and countless film sequences that will be shown throughout the entire year 2017.

The core of the campaign is the trailer "Anthem" and five "Stories" films by swedish director Gustav Johansson. The films are very personal and highly emotional dealing with the complexity of growing up and the benchmarks of adulthood: Get a job. Start a family. Be a good parent and so on. Whereas the actors, like US Rapper and fashion icon A$AP Rocky and John Rue of "House of cards" play the main role in the films, the Mercedes models are only co-starring - a very clever move towards classy understatement. The sounddesign for the entire campaign was done by our head of audio production Wenke Kleine-Benne.

All in all a great challenge for nhb that we loved to take on and we're happy that the #GrowUp project still goes on.

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nhb: vfx supervision, 3D, compositing, sound design, mix

producer: Fiddy Sigmund
Philipp Fehling, Christian Schrills, Nacho Camardiel
compositing: Nhat Quang Tran, Rayk Hemmerling, Christoph Hache, Frederic Berninger, Tobis Mönninger, Sebastian Ludwig, Elmar Pol, Sascha Reinholz, Claus Steinmaßl, Martin Pietler, Henry Kormos, Matthias Backmann, Marcin Kummer, Min Tesch, Jens Liebscher
vfx supervisor: Johannes Müller
3D: Markus Pchalek, Benjamin Jürgens, Stephan Wege
audio producer: Steffen Stark
sounddesign, mix: Wenke Kleine-Benne

agency: antoni
production: Iconoclast
director: Gustav Johansson