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LIDL "Mehr Freude"

the new LIDL campaign, postproduction & soundlogo by nhb

The joy of life and of being together - that's what this new LIDL campaign is all about. Partizan directors Mathias Freier and Alexander Eckert give us a happy day with cheerful people at a wedding, a birthday party and other family events - everyday life at its best, filmed in a very natural unpretentious style with the new LIDL key visual in the end playing the main role: the cash register slip.

We did the visual postproduction in Düsseldorf and also created the brandnew LIDL soundlogo, performing here for the very first time. For more info about the production please click here.


producer at nhb: Cathrein Offermann, Thilo Zweihoff // editing: Sven Budelmann (Partizan), Fabian Gustus // compositing: Martin Pietler, Claus Steinmaßl // colourgrading: Mike Friedland // audio producer: Verena Beck // corporate sound strategy: Cornelius Stiegler // soundlogo composers: Gordian Gleiß, Shai Caleb Hirschson

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nhb: editing, compositing, colourgrading, soundlogo@nhb corporate sound

agency: proximity Worldwide
production: Partizan
director: Freier.Eckert

Verena Beck