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Sony Bravia A1 OLED "Earth Rising"

Experience a whole new world, postproduction by nhb

If you want to launch a TV of outstanding quality you need an extraordinary film - just like this spot for Sony's latest flagship, the Bravia A1 OLED. For the ultimate in picture quality, this TV pairs the brilliance of 4K clarity with the brightness, colour and detail of High Dynamic Range (HDR). Previously hidden areas of dark shadow and sunlight are now full of clarity and detail - plus: it's a very beautiful piece of design.

After "Celebrate every detail" and "Balloons" agency DDB Berlin once again teamed up with Soup Film, director Ben Tricklebank and nhb to create a film of outstanding beauty.

A wonderful and very demanding project for us in Berlin - as both the product and the production process are groundbreaking for the future of moving images. Producing film in 4K UHD and 50p means handling huge amounts of data, 8 times more than during a normal commercial production in HD. A very nice challenge for our vfx pipeline.

The film was shot at night on location in one of the most surreal places on earth. Atacama desert in Chile looks like a scene from outer space. Our vfx supervisor Nhat Quang Tran was thrilled: "That was the most spectacular shoot that I ever witnessed. The place is so wonderfully bizarre and it's incredible to see the beauty of the images and colours unfold on the Sony A1 in HDR. It really is "Experiencing a whole new world".

nhb studios Berlin did the 4k editing as well as colourgrading and compositing in HDR (rec2020) - the result is a breathtaking, hopefully award-winnig production. And we can't wait to see the location for the next Sony Bravia shoot.

producer at nhb: Fiddy Sigmund // vfx supervision: Nhat Quang Tran // 3D: Tany Heider, Andreas Petri // lead online artist: Tobias Horvath // nuke artists: Sebastian Ludwig // colourgrading: Pana Argueta

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nhb: vfx supervision, 3D, compositing, colourgrading

agency: DDB Berlin
production: Soup Film
director: Ben Tricklebank