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League of Angels "Paradise Land"

Hollywoodstar Gal Gadot, powered by Rabbicorn Films and nhb

Playing ‘Wonder Woman’ in the filming of the legendary DC Comics, Gal Gadot battles all evil forces and saves the world. As a testimonial for the second edition of the popular online game, League of Angels, the Israeli actress makes an equally authentic figure herself. With the international cinema release of ‘Wonder Woman’ on 2 June 2017, the Chinese game developer Youzu Interactive launches the big advertising campaign for their most successful fantasy game. League of Angels was released for the first time in English-speaking countries at the end of 2013 and now runs on more than 300 servers. In other words: We were really happy to get this job directly from our client in China.

We teamed up with our friends from Rabbicorn Films: director André Maat developed the concept for the film - the action-packed scenes were filmed at Hollywood level with renowned DOP Ian Foster ("The Social Network") in a huge aircraft hangar near London. The story shows Hollywood star Gal Gadot, who is dressed on a film set before her deployment and plays "League of Angels - Paradise Land" on the mobile phone / laptop. Suddenly, the game world becomes reality and the actress has to defend herself against a fire-breathing dragon breaking through the roof of the hall. Trash, debris and sparks flying and exploding around her, Gal Gadot is in extreme danger, but fortunately she can call an angel out of the online game, who protects her from the monster.

All sequences with Gal Gadot, as well as all the scenes necessary for the visual effects were filmed so that they could be perfectly combined with the cg sequences in post-production. A very professional collaboration of our nhb vfx supervision team and director and camera.

vfx supervisor Filip Lange and Head of 3D Wolfgang Emmrich were able to finalize the films with their team in Hamburg in several versions for the international market and complete for the launch on 2 June. The audio production took place in the nhb sound stages in Hamburg under the direction of Markus Roseneck. Here is our making of.

For director André Maat, this was a childhood dream came true onset: "Fire-breathing dragons, burning cars and a picture-perfect actress who performs hard-hitting action moves - a visual spectacle with a fine dose of humor, what more could you ask for? During shooting Gal Gadot's enormous experience as an action heroine became immediately apparent. Completely relaxed and cheerful beside the camera, and a moment later in front of the camera very energetic and absolutely to the point. She usually walked back to her trailer after two takes. "

For nhb the spot "League of Angels  - Paradise Land" is already the second great visual effects work for an international gaming company. In the past year, the "Clash of Kings - You rule" trailer with Bastian Schweinsteiger (Production: Iconoclast, director: Markus Walter, dop: Ian Foster) was finalized at nhb studios Berlin using very sophisticated visual effects as well as 3D in post-production and also for a game maker from China, the company Elex-Tech.

executive producer at nhb: Tim Tibor // cg supervision & vfx supervision: Wolfgang Emmrich, Filip Lange // 3D: Wolfgang Emmrich, Florian Linner, Rico Koschmitzky // compositing: Filip Lange, Michael Loithaler, Stefan Czuia, Khoa Dang // colourgrading: Mike Friedland // sounddesign, mix: Markus Roseneck


nhb: vfx /cg supervision, 3D, compositing, colourgrading, sounddesign, mix

production: Rabbicorn Films
director: André Maat
dop: Ian Foster

Tim Tibor

League of Angels "Paradise Land" making of