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Mercedes-Benz SUV family DC

make the best of every terrain, colours and sound by nhb

"No guts no glory" seems to be the motto for this fascinating film about the Mercedes SUV family and the courage to live life to the fullest. Director Jan Wentz shot the stunning commercial for the asian market. This is the director's cut also spoken by the director himself.

The expressive colours were added at our grading suite in Berlin by senior colourist Pana Argueta, NHB.MUSIC composed the music and the sound design.

colourgrading: Pana Argueta // sounddesign: Markus Roseneck, Markus Fink, Johannes Roeske // music: Aleks Rynkowski, André Sudradjat

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nhb: colourgrading, sound design, mix,
music by NHB.MUSIC

agency: BBDO Bejing
production: Gwantsi Productions
director: Jan Wentz

Verena Beck