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Beyoncé "Superpower" feat. Frank Ocean

directed by Jonas Åkerlund, colourgrading by Pana Argueta@nhb studios Berlin // preview

Certainly the most „glamorous“ projects in our brand new grading suite at nhb studios Berlin: the two videos „Haunted“ and „Superpower“ for the new Beyoncé album. Both of them supersexy, showing the Mega-Glam-Queen performing at her absolute best. After 15 years in international showbiz, Beyoncé still manages to surprise her fans.

This time not only with her music, but also with the unannounced release of the album. 14 songs, accompanied by 17 high-end videos came out in december without warning the press or anyone, letting internet chatter and obsessive fan giddiness do its promotional work for it.  A very clever move, the whole thing being a celebration of Beyoncés two most obvious qualities: her outstanding voice and her sensational body. Both in brilliant shape, as we can see and hear, supported by the usual Pop „heavyweights“, husband Jay-Z, Frank Ocean, Timbaland, Boots, Pharrell Williams and many more. State-of-the-art in music and visuals.

Only the best and famous directors were asked to work on the videos. „Haunted“ and „Superpower“ have been done by wonderful Jonas Åkerlund and shot in Los Angeles. "Superpower" shows Queen Bey as the leader of a street gang with everything that comes with that. A lot of fire, torches, debris, burning cars and barrels and a bunch of athletic, good looking tatooed youngsters in smart and sexy warrior outfits. A very nice film out of the not so touristy part of L.A.

The look developed by Åkerlund and nhb colourist Pana Argueta is also superpowerful. Very gloomy and grey with strong colourful accents on the props and the clothes, the clip has a slightly aggressive pop appeal. Cool work done by a great director - we loved it!

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colourgrading: Pana Argueta@nhb studios berlin

nhb producer: Yesim Altilar

director: Jonas Åkerlund
production: Black Dog / RSA Films
executive producer at RSA Films: Scott Horan
dop: Pär M Ekberg
editing: Luis Moreno at Jump NYC

Yesim Altilar