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eBay "Warmth"

The eBay relaunch campaign Christmas edition, postproduction by nhb

Finding something special to share with a friend, this is the idea behind the new eBay relaunch campaign. The TV commercial „Wheel of Fortune“ that we did in collaboration with DDB Tribal and Doppelgänger Film at nhb studios Berlin and Düsseldorf, is the heart of the three month campaign. “Whatever inspires you“ is the message, staged nicely by directing duo the Hoffman Brothers in Los Angeles with their highly talented “stars“. The story is simple, catchy and heartwarming: a special relationship between a hamster and a dog develops into something really big...

Now here's the second spot of the campaign and it gets even more emotional: It's Xmas and Riley the dog gives a very sweet and caring gift to his little friend Hank - truly heartwarming. It must be love... or at least friendship.

Like the one before, this commercial was shot in the heat of the summer in Los Angeles, which made it pretty hot for the entire team. If you need more info on our work please click here.

And if you want to know more about Hank the hamster: He has a new Facebook page and he is just on his way to international superstardom:

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nhb: vfx supervision, editing, compositing, online, colourgrading

nhb producer: Tanya Curnow
vfx supervision: Nhat Quang Tran
compositing: Nhat Quang Tran, Norman Struwe, Tobias Mönninger
flame: Tobias Horvath
colourgrading: Biggi Klier

agency: DDB Tribal
filmproduction: Doppelgänger Film
director: Hoffman Brothers, L.A.