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Congstar "Simon sucht ...!"

DDB Tribal, Mr. Bob Films and nhb for Congstar

Hours and hours of unlimited calls and surfing is the rule not the exception from almost all of the service providers today.  But when it's about the network quality, one can have an unpleasant surprise if they only worry about the cost.

This is the theme of the new Congstar Advertising Offensive, where they poke fun at the Telekom–subsidiary's low price competition and their around the clock worry–free flat rate packages.

In usual style Kai and Ina deliver their testimonials as they laugh over their friend who has to climb a tree in order to get reception with a cheaper service provider. Of course this is not something that Kai and Ina, who are using Congstars D Network, have to put up with themselves…

The campaign for the Allnet–Flat S was once again conceptualized by DDB Tribal in Düsseldorf and we were able in Postproduction, as with all the former spots, to develop the well known Toon–Look.

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nhb: vfx supervision, compositing

agency: DDB Tribal
filmproduction: Mr. Bob Films
director: Claas Ortmann