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ParkU "Don't look just book"

ParkU, the smart way to park - production by nhb studios

project information

Finding a free parking place in a european city – that’s a very tough challenge these days and means a lot of money that the ever adamant meter maids collect: 1,5 million Euro  in 2011 for the city of Hamburg, Berlin even made sexy 11 million Euro with people who were towed and ticketed. And of course this situation is no different in other European capitals. If you take a look at the schedule of fines in Switzerland for example, you’ll be amazed at what people have to pay for parking in a tow zone. And it’s no surprise that small start up businesses like ParkU are believed to have a golden future. ParkU is an internet platform that offers free parking places and lets customers rent out their spot if they don’t need it. 

nhb art department

„Don’t look just book“, a very smart idea, we thought, and let our art department take over and develop the concept.  What we really liked about the job: The client gave us full creative freedom throughout the entire production process. So the team around our art director Vitor Aguiar created this charming retro-style infomercial in Cinema 4D and After Effects. The voice was also recorded in that sixties style, and of course the music matches. A wonderful project that everybody here really enjoyed.


nhb: art direction, motion graphics, sounddesign, soundmix

nhb producer: Justin Stiebel
direction & art direction: Vitor Aguiar 
motion graphics: Lennert Schrader, Simon Jokuschies