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RaboDirect "Lazy Money"

The new RaboDirect campaign by LLR, Markenfilm and nhb

project information

It’s only been a year since the Dutch Rabobank is on the german market, and they’re already turning heads with some very successful campaigns. The most recent for their online branch RaboDirect is once again a collaboration between lead agency Lukas Lindemann Rosinski, production company Markenfilm and nhb studios – the dream team from last year’s RaboDirect „Payback Time“ film. This time Rabobank is even pushing it further by announcing the new campaign with a trailer in the style of a Hollywood Blockbuster. A great idea! The campaign’s theme: Don’t just let your money lie around and be lazy. Make it work, with RaboDirect!

design approach

Markenfilm’s director Jan Wentz once again takes us on a trip through a nostalgic and charming looking filmset ( in Bukarest, by the way), built perfectly on the aesthetics and the vibe of the 2012 „Payback Time“ set.  Once again Dutch actor Michiel de Regt is the cool Conférencier, who walks through a world full of absurdities and fun, talking about „Lazy Money“. The entire scene is very cinematic and has a great sense of humour. And this is very special: up until now there’s been no such thing as a funny ad for a bank.

nhb vfx

A wonderful job for our VFX team in Hamburg, that took perfect care of the postproduction and guaranteed that no animals or humans were harmed in the process. Luckily the crocodile that comes crawling down the stairs and later devours the plummer’s rubber boat has been created in our 3D department. The big RaboDirect flag in the end, the crane, the wrecking ball, and the falling debris are also CG work - the crane that had been filmed was just a bit too short. Finally in compositing, using Nuke and Flame, all the picture elements, the shot material and the digital world were seamlessly integrated into one cohesive spot, that we just love!

sound and finish

The final touch and the commercial’s uncomparable flavour are again added by the music and of course the colourgrading. Just like last time artist James Bamford from The Mill, London did the colours for us on Baselight and the supercool Crooner-Style music is a work by nhb Düsseldorf’s composer Aleks Rynkowski. 

All in all a wonderful project, a great and very successful collaboration with LLR and Markenfilm. We can’t wait for the next RaboDirect production…

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nhb: postproduction

producer: Oliver Studt
3D: Wolfgang Emmrich, Robert Hennings, Mario Reitbauer, Luigi Pisciotta
title design: Vitor Aguiar
title animation: Simon Jokuschies
flame: Stephan Tietz, Lars Justinger
nuke: Zarko Kitanovic
music composition: Aleks Rynkowski, André Sudradjat
colourgrading: James Bamford@The Mill, London

agency: Lukas Lindemann Rosinski
filmproduction: Markenfilm
director: Jan Wentz

Oliver Studt