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RaboDirect "Payback Time"

nhb and The Mill for Rabodirect

project information

Only a couple of months in the German Market and already, due to a big advertising campaign, on every screen: Rabodirect out of Holland. And the company apparently has some big plans considering their current TV spot was not at all a small deal. Just the opposite: With a demand for quality and an attention to every detail they will certainly put on a great show.
The theme: How Holland will also give back to Germany, even if it´s only just good interest rates. The Spot plays with the typical cliches of the Hollander, or at least how someone in Germany likes to imagine them: A tacit clog-wearing admirer of cheese, tomatoes, tulips, football and "blonde Meisjes" – always on a bicycle of course. Just everything that Germans love - The Dutch have a great sense of humour.

design approach

Director Jan Wentz takes us on a walk, in which there is always something new to discover.  To a background of crooner-style music, lovingly composed by mothersmilk, we are introduced to a charming Hollander on a colorful nostalgic filmset. Next to the usual spotlights, camera assistants, and dolly-tracks are hidden all sorts of absurd scenes and characters. The whole film reminds one of a colourful Circus Troupe, including a knife thrower, half naked acrobat, a man on fire, and just the right amount of beautiful women - who sometimes wear glittery costumes and throw confetti or a giant tomato over their heads. The whole set-up is a lot of fun and also very unique: Rabodirect wants to approach its costumers with humour – a direction that very few banks have gone in.

colourgrading@The Mill

Having an extraordinary film with such a very special esthetic made it exceptionally fun in postproduction, and for nhb it also meant a special Premiere. For the first time we are cooperating with the London Posthouse The Mill. James Bamford from the London Colour Team graded the film in London while our clients watched and commented live from Hamburg.

The whole endeavor was made possible through our new Baselight Remote Grading System, that now connects our locations in Germany to The Mill in London, New York and Los Angeles. So we can guarantee that the film will get the exact colour feeling that the client and the director had imagined.

nhb vfx

Besides the colourgrading there was certainly another system in operation here in Hamburg. The 3D department, in close coordination with director Jan Wentz, created additional picture elements.

In order to realistically portray the tire burnout from the cyclist that raced circles around the Hollander, complex Fluid simulations were developed – which is the  best way to realistically replicate smoke.  In addition more confetti was added to scenes to fit in perfectly with the real confetti that was shot on set and the poster with the Rabo Bank logo that rolls out over multiple stories outside of a building, all originated from our 3d department. The same holds true for the Biplane that sprays out a stream of smoke in the colours of the Hollander flag and then slowly disseminates out over the set. Because of the Cinescope format many elements had to be newly positioned when final compositing was done in the Flame.  Beauty touch-ups, e.g. Wire and Rig removals, as seen below, were also necessary. And, not to be left out, the football that flies into the scene was also generated in 3D and later composited into the picture because the originally shot version came from a completely different direction.

sound and finish

Last but not least. The fantastic sound added to the whole experience. mothersmilk complimented the cinematic look of the spot with a composition whose style reminded one of the Crooners from an old Hollywood film. It fits in perfectly with the appearance of the charming Hollander as he guides the audience through the filmset.

Shot in Sofia, Bulgaria, by the way, get more impressions from set and sound from our Making Of.


nhb: editing, compositing, 3D, sounddesign, mix, music composition@mothersmilk, colourgrading@The Mill

agency: Lukas Lindemann Rosinski
filmproduction: Markenfilm
director: Jan Wentz

Tim Tibor

RaboDirect "Payback Time" making of